Marvin Hamlisch Speaks

So lately, I caught a Marvin Hamlisch interview, and I was shocked at how good it was.
I didn't even know his name, but I knew his music...........

Creating the Music for "A Chorus Line," or doing piano work for Babara Striesand in "Funny Girl," which I am so watching this weekend. That's just the frickin start of his life.

As well as a bazillion other songs that are commonly heard in movies, theatre, and on the tv.

This guy just had such a fascinating life.
He's won 12 Oscars, and is one of only two people to win 3 Oscars in a single evening.

Also he is in the EGOT club. (For people who have won the Emmy Grammy Oscar and Tony).

It's crazy how talented he is. He even went to the Juiliard Pre College program at the age of 7.

This is part of the interview, and I find it so inspirational to hear the stories from people who are just accomplished, but not total douchebags.....
There are more interviews from him online, and I'd like to find the rest of this one again.

QATFYG: If you were offered a lead in "A Chorus Line," would you go for it?