joanna: a review (kind of)

Matthew and I traveled several hours out of the way to see JOANNA NEWSOM in the FLESH in Columbus yesterday. We didn't get back til 5 this morning. damn!

:( (I'm still quite tired from this)

Columbus is a big, clean, boring city, from what I could deduce, in the few hours I spent in their downtown. Not a lot to write home about, but certainly no Cleveland. We snuck around the hotel next to the theater trying to catch a glimpse of the goddess in the flesh. The goddess that has the deluded notion that Andy Samberg is her life partner or something (seriously! Bill Callahan, why DID you let her go!). No signs of her but we did get to see a few members of her eclectic little band in the lobby.

and oh my god! SO MANY HIPSTERS! it was like an American Apparel exploded on us or something.

Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes fame was the opener. He wasn't bad at all- that guy can sing! It was all solo stuff though. I wasn't familiar.

And then, after a HUUUUUUUUGE break (I started to fall asleep) Joanna materialized, on the stage, with her harp. She was so sweet and engaging and charming and omfg SO talented. we were all in the presence of greatness. she played all my favorite songs- "Emily," "Good Intentions Paving Company," "Kingfisher" and "The Book of Right On" (which I used to sing to people my freshman year because it weirded them out a bit.)

God. So good. The whole audience (me, the hipsters, the gay boys) were all in love with her a little bit by the time was done. She started with "Easy"....once she gets into "Easy," goddamn. the lights dimmed. gahhhh. no words.

We wanted an encore, but they didn't have enough time. and she was sweet enough to not lead on us about this. she broke all our hearts, anyway.

she had a rapport going with her drummer (who was incredible!) for a while- threatening to fire him about making a Counting Crows, reference. which was, in my mind, brilliant. she should cover "Mr. Jones" some time.

plus the venue was GORGEOUS.

oh JOANNA. check out "Have One On Me" if you haven't yet. It's a very playful album, for Joanna Newsom. Just try not to think about Andy Samberg! Try try try!

a sampling:

"Good Intentions Paving Company"