James Cameron has Jacked us All Up!!

I like to spread rumors,

and this I just heard is the lulu of all rumors for the next four hours.

Due to the success of "Avatar" at the box office (Fastest movie to gross a billion dollars.)

Movie ticket prices are going to rise all across the country.

Their Plan: People want to see movies, they enjoy seeing movies, they care about seeing movies, they will pay 1-3 dollars more to see a movie.

Thank you James Cameron, you dick!!

You know, I did not believe it when someone told me that movie ticket prices would go to $10 a ticket.
But voila, here they are. Some theatres charge $10.50. Mine thankfully charges $9.50. (yup :( )

In all honesty, it's only a matter of time before prices rise anyway, but let's get mad at James Cameron because it's fun!!

QATFYG: Would you go to the theatres to see a movie $3 more than what you currently pay now?
Example: My theatre charges $9.50, Would I go for $12.50? Maybe once a year for "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn."


  1. No... I wouldn't go to movies if it were more expensive. I already have limited my adventures to the cinema quite extensively. In part due to my lack of time, I tend to rent more movies than go to the theater. If prices were to rise, I would would rent more movies.

    PS. I also did not even see Avatar. Why does this have to be so?


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