crazy heart soundtrack is BOSS

All this Oscar nonsense will be out of my system with this post. although I commend Al (see below) for stirring the pot in my computerless state!

the Crazy Heart soundtrack has been playing NONSTOP at Border's these past few days. and I have to say, as a non-fan of most country music, I've been genuinely impressed by it. this film (as well as Up in the Air and The Hurt Locker) is one of the few this year I've really wanted to see.

it includes the late, great TOWNES VAN ZANDT (!!!) who is one of the performers I've listened to after one take and been really moved by. the man was a genius. his song on it:

so talented, holy shit.

anyway, I love the soundtrack for this film. and Maggie looked pissed during the ceremony. did anyone else pick up on that? God bless that emotive bitch.

did you see Crazy Heart? is it good? great? etc?