of grammys, groundhogs and oskars

The groundhog told us all we have six more weeks of winter today. yay. nobody is surprised, stupid groundhog.

The Grammys ... I didn't watch hahahahaha because I don't have cable hahahahaha :(
but Beyonce won, and Beyonce is incredible. I mean. seriously. I thought of her and Gwen together the other day and it nearly overwhelmed me.
Taylor Swift won a lotttttttt. SHE FINISHED. (dumb joke)
Kings of Leon won, Michael Jackson has (had) cute kids, Celine Dion shouldn't sing, Pink and Lady Gaga looked ugly.....sigh. what else happened?

Oscar noms come out tonight. I've fallen behind with most movies. Avatar (aka Cara) and A Serious Man. Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock.


when Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz broke up, I cried. (that's a long time ago now)



  1. yeah i would rather see sandra bullock win than Meryl Streep.

    so world music grammy went to the guy from Mali, which is phenomenal on the Kora.

    Spoken Word: Went to Michael J Fox.

    Comedy Album: Stephen Colbert. (I wonder if he was actually better than spinal tap.)

    All of these aren't bad.


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