AHHHHHH it wasn't as awful as the first? not to say it was great, but like, if you reduce your ... expectations and take in the fact that the young cast seems to have taken (some, Kristen Stewart, seriously, EMOTE) acting lessons in the past few months. but overall- the story itself is way too dry to do much with. and you know they're rushing these all out. meh. I enjoyed it. especially when the Grizzly Bear song played. Lykke Li and Thom Yorke also got nice parts. Taylor Lautner's six-pack (ten-pack? twelve-pack?) revealing drew hormonal gasps from the audience and one "IS THAT IT?" from some girl. Robert Pattinson...he just looks bad to me.

But I'm going to dedicate this post to Ashley Green, who plays Alice, easily the only character on there that could keep my interest.


Greene will be reuniting with her Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz in the upcoming movie Warrior[10] and will also be starring in an upcoming thriller film, Summer's Blood,[11] as well as the Dark Castle Entertainment production The Apparition, which will begin filming on February 1, 2010.[12] Greene, in nothing but a bodypainted bikini, will be appearing in advertisements for SoBe that will run in the 2010 issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.[13]

Things to look forward to?

FINAL RATING: C+ or 6.2 on the 11 scale.....yup.

p.s. props to my girl Anna Kendrick, who plays one of the few friends Bella has that doesn't get sidelined by her weird obsession with Pasty Dead Boy. She was also in Up In the Air with G. Clooney and I think she probably has a lasting career ahead of her, despite the fact she's strapped playing a one-dimensional arm of Stewart right now. bah!


  1. dear useless critic,
    thank you so much for giving props to Ashley Greene. She is frickin awesome.
    In the whole Harry Potter vs. Twilight war my stance was....who cares? I just want to hang out with Alice Cullen. (Ashley Greene rules).

    and good luck to Anna Kendrick at the Oscars.

  2. Dear Nader,

    no probs! Harry Potter v. Twilight = a long string of BAHS. I'm not a big fan of either. but if Alice Cullen wanted to play Scrabble with me, who would I be to say no?

  3. hmm, it would be weird playing scrabble against Alice Cullen because she could know what letters she would get and what letters you could get...so she could plan around you and always win.

    I would rather play against Edward because although, he could read my mind, I would just think the same over and over "You're a Douche. You're a Douche. You're a Douche." I mean I would still lose, but I would win the real war.


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