Hot Tub Time Machine: Initial Thoughts

So I just caught the trailer for "Hot Tub Time Machine," about a bunch of guys that travel back into the 80's because of some supernatural powers with their hot tub.

First Thought: WTF!?!

Second Thought: Wow, that might actually be funny and propose some original comic ideas.

Third Thought: It has John Cusack, and he annoys the fu*k out of me!

Fourth Thought: I will think hardly and intensely before I would go see this movie. I mean, you might laugh some. So that would be worth it in its own right.

QATFYG: Do you like Time Travel movies and tv shows? Do you like John Cusack?


  1. yeah you really hate John Cusack. I KNOW, I KNOW.

  2. I am generally a fan of time travel films despite their complete implausibility and weird errors. However, this film is akin to my taste. Prompted by your mention of the film, I watched the trailer. Even though, the film is ridden with inconsistencies appearant just from the trailer alone, I was left with one question. Why is someone Clark Duke's age partying with someone John Cusack's age. Really? and why were all of these people in a hot tub? Needless to say, I will not be seeing this film; however, there are probably some positive aspects. Someone out there will probabl find some of the jokes funny.

  3. The movie is called HOT TUB TIME MACHINE. And the revelation in the movie by Craig Robinson (who is pretty much the main reason to see this movie) is: "It must be some kind of... hot tub machine."

    It looks so absurd and ridiculous, that I have to see it for the cheap, stupid laughs that it will provide. I'll probably forget it by the next day, but I need a dose of low brow humor every once in a while to keep my snobbishness in check. I think everybody does.

    Oh, 80s John Cusack is da bomb. And High Fidelity rocks.

  4. Hmmm... This film looks like people have run out of ideas in some ways. I mean the plot is completely over used. Every 10 minutes there is a new travel back in time and relive the past film. Well, I have to hand it to this film for leasting choosing a new method of time travel instead of just getting hit over the head. But I have to agree with the first Anon...Why a hot tub? Would four guys just be sitting around in a hot tub? Wouldn't they be doing something slightly more exciting. This film seems to be marketed to a specific group, which just isn't me personally, but I am sure some people will like the humor. I think this film has the potentially to either better way better than expected or possibly another All about Steve (I haven't seen this film, but from the general public opinion, this film seems to be recived extremely negatively). But this film is made with a unique cast, and I hope it succeeds, despite my lack of desire to see it.


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