Emily's Sequalism

So on the blog in the past, I’ve stated that I get a lot of music advice from Emily Osment, sister of Haley Joel.

But lately, she’s been recommending this band known as “The Sequel.” Saying they is like super awesomes and such.

They are promoting an Indie Americana angle, but really it’s more pop-rocky. I disagree with you Emily! Normally, Emily and I agree on certain tastes such as “Clinic” and Chewing on Bass guitars, but this band is just not Alive!!

[Maybe Emily is just promoting them because she’s their Bestie .]

Their music is just a little too flat (or sometimes it’s too sharp). From most of what I’ve heard their sound just isn’t original enough. I’m not feeling the heart behind the music. However, some of their pop-esque melodies might be trapped in your mind for a while.

The Sequel: Myspace

The song “Everybody Knows” is the one with a good melody, but I aint so huge on the lyrics.

But then songs like “Hills and Manhattan” feature what I was saying about no heart.
If anybody has any counter viewpoints please share.

QATFYG: Seriously, you up for sharing?

PS: This not to be confused with the band “Sequel,” which is a cover band from Tampa.