Spotlight/Shoutout: John Krasinski

So this is a face that many will recognize as that guy from “The Office”, or that guy from “Away We Go,” and apparently he is also in “It’s Complicated,” not that I want to see that.

But none of that is important today, and John Krasinski is earning the first s/s of the New Year for his work on “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.” This movie will be available on DVD in February, and I am so excited to see it. Krasisnski directed, starred, and adapted the screenplay for this film.

It’s based on the writings of the late “David Foster Wallace,” who had a lot of stuff going on in his mind. Big surprise.

The movie will tell the tale of a grad student who copes with a break-up by interviewing other people………….such as British sex symbol, Dominic Cooper. (Wink)
And “Law and Order: SVU’s” Caucasian badass, Christopher Meloni.

(Btw Meloni is a Sardinian name.)

The reviews for John Krasinski’s film have not been super positive, but I will go into it with an open mind. He has a great cast, including Timothy Hutton, who always keeps popping up in things I like.

John Krasinski, I can’t wait.

QATFYG: Do you like JK? Would you sleep with Dominic Cooper (The fiancĂ© from Mama Mia)?, and have you seen “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” already, or will you see it on DVD?


  1. John Krasinski is an awesome actor. He has done excellent work in many things including away we go and it's complicated (you should give it a chance it was a funny film, specifically the second half). I think Brief Interviews with Hideous Men will be ok. I think it will show excellent effort and be a decent film, but I don't think it will be the number one on my list. However, I still want to see it.


  3. I know who Anon is! anyway, JK looks like my brother. EVEN THEIR INITIALS ARE THE SAME SPOOKY


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