In Honor of Cold Things Down South

So on another website, I pretend to be an inhabitant of Antarctica. (Brittany can confirm this.) And one day I found this site promoting Antarctica's wonderful university.

"The University of Antarctica." or simply "Antarctica University."

Is this site legit? No. But this site is actually rather humorous, if you like cold things in the south and you like giggling then this site is for you. Plus, whoever made it put a lot of effort into it.

Entertainment at its most random moment!

I particularly love the part on the endangered aborigines in Antarctica, which is quite a neglected part of human life. double wink.

But more importantly, if anyone is interested there is a small church on the cold cold Island of South Georgia (close to South America I guess.)And yes they still perform weddings there. Anybody need a husband?

Cool Shack!

QATFYG: Would you get married in South Georgia? Or would you rather run off to Antarctica to elope or fornicate?