I can't get over this

Totally old news, but it's friggin important...

So this is not my original idea at all, I forget where I first read it, or else I'd cite the source.

But take Rush Limbaugh.....with a little more hair in a retro-style...

Add an ugly mustache....

And you have a perfect John Wayne Gacy. I just can't get over it. The resemblance is too weird.

Imagine JWG as a radio host?

Do you see the light? What would JWG's radio show be called?

PS: Whether you like Rush of not, I think he looks like JWG. This isn't opinion. "It's science, and science is a cold-hearted 14-inch strap on."-CS Lee Masuka.


  1. Um, I did a report on JWG when I was 14. I had nightmares for two months. After reading the books again and again I've never forgotten Billy Carrol's face. like Sufjan said, they were boys, with summer jobs. oh my god.

    I hope JWG is burning in hell as I type.


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