Hidden Voice Talents: He Kexin, Brad Garrett, and Kamala

Celebs that surprise us with their singing abilities that they chose to keep hidden from the populations.

He Kexin

Olympic Gold Medalist, who apparently ages really well. I want her moisturizer. Since winning multiple golds in Beijing she has been performing on talk shows during interviews and such. She really has a good voice. No joke.

He Kexin Sings

He Kexin Shows Skill

Brad Garrett

This is a half-serious nod. Brad dazzles as he sings song and dance numbers for 7up commercials. Not a trained voice, but if I heard more of it I might get into it, no joke.


Former WWE star turned to the microphone. Kamala once held the appearance of a warrior, and now he shows his softer side on the record.

And of course John Ashcroft
“Let The Eagle Soar” No visuals for this guy.

QATFYG: Who is your top hidden vocal talent?