As you all probably know by this point, there was a huge earthquake in the poorest country on the nation, Haiti. (which makes you wonder about things like nature and fate- WTF? can't they get a break?) Over 100,000 are reported to be dead/missing.

Now typically I try to focus on music and literature and nice alternatives to the bleakness of everyday life (really that's how I see it) but I can't really like, let this go by without posting this:

Google collected shortcuts to all these various charities that are helping with the victims in this situation. It makes it easy to donate money, fast.

Barack Obama has done a nice job of reacting swiftly. his speech yesterday, I think, was one of his best by far.

And also, this tragic event gave Pat Robertson a big chance to exercise his anus. Oops I meant mouth!

keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers, by the way.

r.i.p Jay Reatard, btw. that was really unexpected!