The Grammys 2010

....when we give more thought to the fashion than the music, then there is a problem.


  1. the category I'm most excited for is

    Best Norteno Music Performance. JK Yeah, I have no idea what that is. eep.

    My favorite grammys are normally best Comedy Album, Best World Music Performance. and Best Spoken Word Album (Only because I'm going to win that one day for recording my iCarly fanfiction on CD.)

    Least Excited for : Best Metal Performance, because I feel the category is always too narrow with it's nominations. It's like they only recognize the existence of 10 metal bands ever.

  2. iCarly fanfiction?

    yes, Al, yes you will.

  3. yep, and once iCarly has been finished for 5 years. I can be nominated again for Best Historical Album.

    Life is so easy to plan sometimes.


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