Emma Roberts is a Prick!!

So the film "Lymelife" is out on Dvd, and it is a great watch.

Very funny, very smart, very entertaining are some ways to describe it.

But the thing that struck me the most was that Emma Roberts was being a prick throughout the whole film. This was the most annoying she has ever been (including the "Nancy Drew" trailers).

Emma Roberts is known actress from things like "Unfabulous," "Aquamarine," and the previously mentioned "ND." But in almost every single thing she does she has to be annoying.

Every actor has their range. Some play heroes, some play villains, some play drunks, some play dorks, and some play annoying-ass pricky bitches. The last of the list is Emma's home. However, I do not say this as an insult. She is good at what she does, and she gave a hell of a performance in "Lymelife." This movie sold me. I am a certified Emma Roberts fan, regardless of agitating characteristics.

Also good performances by Timothy Hutton (which was shockingly good as always), and the Culkin Bros...Rory and Kieran. Great movie!!

QATFYG: Does Emma Roberts annoy you? Did you see Aquamarine? And do you like mermaids?

PS: Emma Roberts is hot. Hey, she's legal, I can say that as long as I don't buy her alcohol or ghb.


  1. I love this so much Al. and she's related to Julia Roberts are you really that surprised.


    emma roberts is one of those youngsters where you can tell, when she's 18, she's going to be devastatingly beautiful. because she's already gorgeous. bitch.

  3. tuc-
    thank you.

    she'll be 19 on February 19th. and yes she'll get even more beautiful. the bitch got game her looks.


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