During the Globes there are lots of Apprentice Commercials

So before the recaps of the Globes, I happened to notice the preview for the new season of the apprentice.

It is loaded with famous people such as Sinbad, Rod Blago, Brett Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, and then I saw Maria Kanellis........star of the Kiss Cam segment on WWE. In her other credits, I think she came from their Diva Search contest or something, but it's hard to remember that far back. And of course she did Playboy. Big surprise.

(Little known fact: Maria K plays the drums).

But I wonder who seems out of place on this glam apprentice season.?.?.?. At least the rest of the celebs on celeb apprentice are actually recognizable, but Maria K is barely even famous. Although, most of the cast is untalented, they are somewhat well-known.

I want to know. How much does America love Maria K?

QATFYG: Are you a Maira Kanellis fan? Or is her existence a question mark in your memories?

PS: I still won't watch the Apprentice, not worth it.