6 Random Globe Notes

1. Ricky Gervais had some decent jokes, others were dumb and distasteful (I never thought I would ever say that word.)

2. "Avatar" won best picture/drama and James Cameron best director. I confess I didn't see that coming. That better be one Orgasmic movie. It's weird because I thought they just made a movie called "Avatar:The Last Airbender" based on the cartoon show and directed by M. Night Shamalyan. (spelling doesn't count.)

3. "Dexter" won two globes, one going to my idol, Michael C. Hall, and one to the legend John Lithgow. This made my night. "Dexter" is so good, no joke.

4. "Mad Men" won another award or something, and I don't think anyone thought twice about it.

5. Lea Michele did not win for "Glee" as best actress in a comedy series, sad face, but Toni Collette won for "The United States of Tara!" I heard this show described as something nobody watches, but it's amazing. I have to see it.

6. As I predicted two months ago, Juliana Margulies won for "The Good Wife." There was never a second of doubt in my mind. (And I haven't even seen the damn show. That's how good she is.)

**And as an unnumbered note: Felicity Huffman was a Klutz when it came to public speaking. Great Actress, no mic skills. what's up?

QATFYG: Anybody notice anything weird with the ceremony?