These New Puritans - We Want War

My current music love is These New Puritans, an indie post-punk band from the UK. Their music is certainly unique, especially as far as indie music is concerned - featuring sounds ranging from Japanese Taiko drums, swords, and a brass and woodwind ensemble - and all of their music videos have a stark, cinematic feel to them. (Watch Elvis and Swords of Truth on YouTube.)

"We Want War" (video above) is the first single off their new album, Hidden, to be released January 18. Coming in at over seven minutes, it's a truly epic single. Jack Barnett's haunting vocals combined with a brass orchestra and a children's choir create a haunting atmosphere, and the music video - featuring members of the band diving into water against a backdrop that ranges from pure black to a distorted city outline - is stunning, almost apocalyptic in a way. I recommend you check out this song ASAP.


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