Bionic Jive

I had almost forgotten about everyone's 2nd favorite Rapcore/Rap Metal badasses. I was just listening to some old Bionic Jive.
Almost as good as ICE T's Body Count.

"I shot lucifer" by Bionic Jive --this is so extreme.
This is me,
Black and most hated in all fifty,
from genocide to swastikas and right wing comittees,
This is me,
the witness to governmental conspiracies,
overcrowded cells breed addicts to feed my street
This is me,
the one the aryan nation wanna touch, burn my church, set me up, hog tie, and wet me up,
and at the same time
my own block hold a nine and a bullet with my name in case I go against the grain

America sleeps, while children play with cyber sex,
and my neighbor's hard to love cuz I know he child molests
Money manifest the greed,
greed manifest the murder,
murder manifest revenge to hold the cycle of the sins

But I shot Lucifer, Christ compelled me, Christ compelled me, we bring the truth to life
I shocked the world with it, shocked the world with it,
A governmental conspiracy to murder me

Descendents of Charles Manson never seem to cease,
cuz everyday man impregnates the belly of the beast,