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Songs I Don't Have For You To Download Edition!

"All or Nothing"- Au Revoir Simone

so beautiful. this song perfectly showcases Au Revoir Simone's strengths like noneother I've heard before. their gentle harmonies soar. it's gorgeous. like a less experimental, atmospheric School of Seven Bells. pile on a bit of restrained sweetness (like aspartame). "slowly coming into view..."

"Love Has Left the Room"- A Camp

Remember that chick that leads The Cardigans (who are like the most underrated band, EVER)Nina Persson? Well this is her solo project. Pretty incredible, I say. Very nice adult alternative. Showcases her vocals superbly. IT WILL SLIP MY MINDDDDDDDDDDDDD - and I used to have the biggest crush on this woman FTW.

"Two"- The Antlers

I'm really just getting into this band despite much resistance. Gonna go see them in Cleveland on January 23. WANT TO COME? They're opening for Editors right now. ugh, I can I see a semblance. Imagine the National, a little.

"Very Busy People"- The Limousines

This song is just so much fun. If I could be ten again, I would love this song even more.


"If I Know You"- The Presets

Perfect dark electronic, synth-based rock from Australia a la Cut Copy. so bitter; great song to listen to when you're pissed. AND JUST WANT TO DANCE. "We're a waste of time."

ah, so true.