World News Now & America News Now

Thanks to NaNoWriMo I've rediscovered the joys of procrastination. Let's just say I am now well-acquainted with late-night television and I've lost more hours to reruns of Laguna Beach than I really care to admit (one, actually, and that's quite enough).

In spite of an overload of tacky rich kids, I have discovered something quite exciting: World News Nightly (3-4 AM CST) and America This Morning (4-5 AM CST), both on ABC. These shows are anchored by Jeremy Hubbard and Vinita Nair - both of whom have rapidly reached the ranks of my favorite news anchors (right up there with Anderson Cooper, who hosted WNN from 1999-2000, and Gaynor Hall and Sean Lewis, both on the Chicago-based news network CLTV). Both of these news programs offer a humorous, irreverent look at news today that is interesting, informative, and funny, if you're a news-junkie like me. I'm somewhat confounded that I haven't discovered these shows before. I suggest you get up early - or stay up late - and check 'em out.

Were you aware of the existence of World News Nightly and/or America This Morning? What is your favorite news program? Who are your favorite anchors?


  1. the thing about watching TV that early in the morning is it makes me feel very Legendy in the sense of "I Am Legend."

  2. you're all alone... just you and the girls from the girls gone wild commercials.


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