what in the world has happened to....

I know there's been a clusterfuck of activity today, haha, and for that I apologize 'cause I'm not trying to battle with my fellow contributors or anything. but like, for some reason, I've been thinking about Norah Jones again lately. (YES, REMEMBER HER?) Come Away With Me was bulletproof for a while. I still have that album, still listen to it periodically when I need to go to sleep. The title track is flawless, I still think. and "Don't Know Why"- INSTANTLY melts you down like glass. My lesbianic high school art teacher was all about that shit. as was my mom. as were all my girlfriends.

well, turns out, the lovely and talented Miss Jones has a new album coming out with a def more "rock"-oriented focus (some of the people she had working on it with her included Ryan Adams and members of Okkervil River). so alt-country, I guess. the album is entitled The Fall and will be out Nov. 17. she's on the press circuit right now. early reviews have been positive but I'm not sold on the first single, "Chasing Pirates."

my favorite Norah tracks:


"The Prettiest Thing" OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG




  1. u kno, Norah was rated as one of the best artists to shag to. by some random guy. Oh yes.
    btw "Come Away With Me" made a hell of an impact.

  2. I would shag to Norah Jones, I'm not above that.


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