Spotlight/ Shoutout: Deon Cole

Guten Tag und es ist Mittwoch!! (I can’t speak German).

Deon Cole can’t speak German either, but he is on top of the globe with this week’s S.S.

This is a man who is more well-known for his stand-up comedy than his screen acting, but he has made his way onto the Big Screen a few times in films such as “Barbershop” and get this…”Barbershop 2.” (surprise!)

Back to his comedy, Deon C plays it cool and gangsta most of the time, but it is quite obvious that he is a total geek at heart. During his act he’ll take notes if jokes are working well, and has no problem sharing his awkward situational stories.


Deon: (To the audience) "Is there anything you white people are nervous to do in front of black people? (inaudible audience feedback) Urinate?"

He stares blankly then jots it down in his sketchpad.
I love it.

Deon is also a firm believer that all black men should have mustaches (even if yo is only 9 years old!!!!)

What can I say? He makes me laugh. Rock on Deon. Does that Rhyme?

QATFYG: Who is your favorite Black, African American, or Afro-American Comedian?
(For the Caucasian readers) Is there anything you white people are nervous to do in front of black people other than urinating?

PS: This S/S almost went to comedian Doug Williams as a sympathy vote. If you haven’t heard of comedian Doug Williams, don’t worry you aint missing too much. Word to his mother!


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