something surprising!

Maybe it was the effect of the alcohol on my brain Saturday night, but SNL accomplished something it hasn't in ages for me: be actually funny.


I haven't been watching a lot, to be fair. Honestly, I hate watching SNL. I hate the timing. I hate having to turn on a TV when I'd rather be asleep. but I'm not really asleep. Follow? Of course you don't. Check it out here.

I was told the Taylor Swift episode was good too, but that I missed.

And, sadly, I was not very familiar with January Jones before Saturday night. But now I'm familiar! One day, I will knock a goal off my list: watch a full episode of Mad Men.

Jones shined, I think. The parodies were ace. Rear Window, the party planning, even Kristin Wiig's questionable skit with her a newsreporter and Jones as a confused DQ employee. Jon Bovi! That was great.

But then: the Black Eyed Peas were the musical guests.

Be sure to tune in next week, Joseph Gordan Levitt (500 Days! 500 Days!) and ... um some band will be on.

Has SNL been funny to you lately? Am I on a lot of drugs for thinking this? Y/N? Doesn't January Jones have the best non-porn star name EVER?

also, my prof called me out on my blogging today. erg, I don't think I'm exceptionally cool or anything, as a classmate in the back suggested. I mean- if I was cool, this would get more than 40 hits a day. :P


  1. i watched gerard butler's episode and jj's that's all for this year.

    u r right, im not in the mood for TV at 11:30 at night. poor guys.


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