Shakira - Did It Again (music video)

So, the music video for Shakira's new single "Did It Again" was just released. I don't really keep up with Shakira or, well, most pop music, but I'm impressed by this music video. I mean, yeah, the song is only so-so, but the choreography is fantastic. THIS is what Beyonce could only hope to achieve. "Single Ladies" my ass!

What do you think about this music video? In an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch, who would win: Shakira or Beyonce?


  1. wow! yeah def not shakira's best song.

    um, beyonce would win in celeb death match vs. shakira! she'd probably beat her to death with her ugly heels.

  2. my breasts are small and humble
    so you don't confuse them with mountains



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