Who doesn't love Cormac McCarthy novels, seriously? Hollywood does!!!!!!!!

In a very positive touch for the Erie region, the film The Road (based on a book by Cormac, books, that's right, they exist) which was filmed largely in this area over the course of spring 2008 was released to theaters today for some delightful, positive Thanksgiving movie-watching.

not, not really. um, it's set in a post-apocalyptic world.

starring the men many women (not me obviously) swoon over (Viggo Mortenson) and some pretty good other people (Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron) and it's already generating, THAT'S RIGHT, OSCAR BUZZ.

read an interview with Viggo here and watch the trailer (I redirect, because I can't get no Viggo interviews:)

wow, I'm glad Erie's the sight for the apocalypse. AWESOME!!!! TOTALLY POSITIVE!
well hopefully more movies will be filmed here and when I say that I mean movies of this tier (good movies). because, celebrities, I'm not going to, like, stalk you or anything ...



  1. sry

    still laughing over 'who would you be celibate with?'


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