Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Lady Gaga's new music video for "Bad Romance" has just been released, and... I don't get it. Seriously. Lady Gaga's songs are... okay. It's inoffensive pop music. Her videos are pretty decent, nothing mind-blowing or terribly unique. Nothing she's done has ever blown me away. I've never heard one of her songs on the radio and go, "Turn it up, I love this song!"

I think "Bad Romance" is probably the best of her singles. If she got rid of that deep voice "Ra-ra-ra" part I'd probably like the song a lot better. Frankly, I find her outfits a lot more interesting than her music.

Do you like Bad Romance? What's your favorite Lady Gaga song? Do you ever want to make her put on a pair of pants (or is that just me? Because honestly, I think she always looks cold - just minutes away from frostbite - and pants would probably help. And if not pants, maybe tights? Or a skirt of some kind?).


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