This is absolutely not one of my favorite songs of 2009, but one of my favorite songs EVER. the harmonies are to die for. takes you to another place- very ethereal. oh my god. it's gorgeous. there are no words for how brilliant, how beautiful this song is. It's almost Enya-like, in a way, but MUCH better.

there is no talking shit on that song. it can do no wrong.

here are the other songs featured in this series thus far:
"Stillness is the Move"- Dirty Projectors
"To Lose My Life"- White Lies
"Beatbox"- The Sounds
"iamundernodisguise"- School of Seven Bells

will be back soon with more songs. enjoy for now!


  1. omg I love School of Seven Bells

    and this song is RIDICULOUS. love it.

  2. anything enya-like is banging.


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