Depeche Mode Guitarist Called as Expert Witness in Warcraft Lawsuit

I had to read the article a few times before I could fully digest it. Even as I'm posting this now, I have trouble conceiving something so absurd.

Erik Estavillo of San Jose, California has filed suit against the makers of World of Warcraft claiming that the game has alienated him from the rest of the world and society itself. :( Because of this game his life is now very sad. :( :(

But it gets better.
He has subpoenaed Depeche Mode Guitarist, Martin Gore as an expert witness on melancholy and sadness, all of which he claims has been caused by the game, WOW.

Furthermore, this bloke is trying to call actress, Winona Ryder as another expert witness on sadness.

In the past other gamer's lawsuits have been failures such as.... a suit against Microsoft, claiming a broken Xbox 360 caused him undue stress; a claim against Sony, alleging they violated his First Amendment rights by banning him from their network; and a claim against Nintendo, arguing that by blocking certain Wii software they interfered with his inalienable right to seek happiness.

Source: and The Bulgarian

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