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As I stated 20 minutes ago in my last post, it’s peoples’ choice award time, and I couldn’t help but notice that this award Ballot was missing something……………Selena Gomez.

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know that I am an avid Selena G fan, and I feel she got robbed of a nomination for best TV Comedy Actress.

The nominees were as follows: TV comedy Actress: Alyson Hannigan, America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Eva Longoria Parker, Tina Fey.

And I agree with all but 2. Honestly, I would have put Selena instead of Eva Longoria Parker (even though I voted for) or Alyson Hannigan. ELP is my favorite housewife for superficial reasons, but her performance lately has not been worthy of the nomination. Whereas, Selena Gomez has made a huge impact on the world of entertainment with her show “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Her work on Disney is the best acting job the network has to offer. She was even placed as the 20th best Witch of all time by AOL.

Now if you think it’s too much for a little Disney star to get this nomination. Other Disney girls on the ballot are Demi Lovato (Breakout Music Artist), Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus (Breakout Movie Actress), and Miley also gets a nomination for Best Web Celeb. (I totally voted for her because “The Miley and Mandy Show” was sooooo awesome. Eat that Andy Samburg.)

My point is, she does the best acting on Disney, and doesn't get anything while others rise above her.


Anyway, Selena should be up there, here’s to you SG! (lifts the glass.)


  1. I think Hannigan deserves the nomination. She does well with comedy on HIMYM. Prehaps you should watch the show from time to time. However, I am trying to say that Selena Gomez is inferior in any way. She is a talented actress, but I feel the others have more of an opporunity on their shows to allow their comedic abilities come through. In addition, the peoples choice awards are aimed at adults of all ages. What precent of all adults actually watch the Disney Channel? However, the race seems close, but whether or not I agreee, I think Tina Fey will win. She typically wins these sorts of awards shows.

  2. Anon,
    I know a lot of adults don't watch disney, but as I mentioned Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato were all nominated for disney associated movie and music acts, they're still disney stars. my point is popular is popular. Would you say a lot of adults watch the Hannah Montana move?

    And yes, I think Tina Fey will win. After all, she is Tina!!

  3. The three you mentioned where only nominated as breakout stars. Breakout,( while now an overly used and relative term), generally implies that they are young or fresh to the business. It seems that these three were nominated only by a technicality that Selena Gomez would have easily been a part of, if she per se had a successful feature film of her own; however, she does not.

    While Tina Fey does fine with comedy, I honestly do not feel that her comedic talents are so spectacular that she should trump every comedy awards catergory she has ever been in. I am trying to put her down, but rather say, I feel her comedy is very fine and deserves some awards, but that it is not the greatest thing to ever exist. She should get some not all.

  4. well, i know the three i mentioned were "breakout" nominees, but there is no reason why Selena couldn't be nominated for best comic actress. After all, she has been on her show for 3 years (roughly). and Emily O and Miley C were nominated for a breakout movie from only last spring. Demzz was also nominated for an album that came out from last spring/winter.

    3 years vs. 5 months. I'd say, she's beyond the breakout phase for her show.

    PS: Tina is a giant in the awards world.

  5. show d'up Brittany!
    i do think Tina will win. I mean, she's tina. She is TINA!


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