Bon Voyage Obamao

Ripped From the Headlines of Washington Post:
So in China over the past few weeks one of hottest selling items of all time was the Obamao icon, featuring Obama himself dressed and posed as Chairman Mao Zedung (spelling of that name varies.)

Then all of a sudden, all the Obamao iconography disappeared. What gives?

I think China's media got tapped.


  1. lMao

    Do you see what I did there?

    (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

  2. nicely done! no joke, I am impressed. it's too bad rofl doesn't have mao in or obama in it's spelling.

  3. roflMao
    rObamafl? (okay, that doesn't work as well)
    lMaObama (two for one!)

    One of my friends and I make these up.

  4. lMaObama: I like it. now to post on twitter and trend.


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