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Okay, I've just been discussing things with people, and I want to know what everybody thinks about these things.
When I bring this stuff up everybody thinks I'm stupid and wrong, when I try to say that the laws aren't what they think they are like.....

The Age of Consent is not 18. It varies by each state.
Alabama 16
Alaska 16
Arizona 18
Arkansas 16
California 18
Colorado 15
Connecticut 15
D.C. 16
Delaware 16
Florida 16/18 (bill pending)
Georgia 16
Hawaii 14
Idaho 14
Illinois 16/17
Indiana 16
Iowa 18
Kansas 16
Kentucky 16
Louisiana 17
Maine 16
Maryland 16
Massachusetts 16/18
Michigan 16
Minnesota 16
Mississippi 16
Missouri 17
Montana 16
Nebraska 16
Nevada 16
New Hampshire 16/18
New Jersey 16/18
New Mexico 17
New York 17
North Carolina 16
North Dakota 18
Ohio 16
Oklahoma 16
Oregon 18
Pennsylvania 16
Rhode Island 16
South Carolina 14/16
South Dakota 16
Tennessee 18
Texas 17
Utah 16/18
Vermont 16
Virginia 15
Washington 16
West Virginia 16
Wisconsin 18
Wyoming 16
Puerto Rico 18

And for many states such as West Virginia, it's 16 and four years apart. So a 15 year old can mate with and 18 year old and it's not illegal.

Also, the constitution says there is no official language, but language is regulated by the states in the US.

Dark Blue=English is the Official Language
Light Blue=No Official Language
Purple=Multiple Official Languages
Pink=No Official Language, multiple De Facto Languages

Lastly, it is my understanding that you do not have to be born in the United States to become president.

The constitution does not mention it. It states you have to be born a natrual born citizen not a native born citizen.

I was born in the nation of Algeria, and from the moment I was born I was a full American Citizen because my mother was American.

Here is the rule: If you are born abroad to 2 parents with US citizenship, then you have to live in the US for 14 consecutive years before you could run for president (and meet all other criteria).

If you are born abroad to one parent with US citizenship, you have to live in the US for 14 consecutive years and your parent has to have lived in the US for 9 consecutive years. Barack Obama meets this. So even if he was born in Kenya, he would still be eligible to be president. Also, John McCain was not born in the US. He claims to have been born on a military base, but according to his birth certificate he was born in Colon Hospital, in Colon Panama. However, he is still eligible to run for office.

Soruce: The Internet

QATFYG: Is any of this correct? The reason I ask is because the media and television never acknowledges any of this. I've read it a thousand times online, but not even anyone I know thinks these laws to be true. They think states have no official languages, the national age of consent is 18, and you have to born on American soil to be president. PS I will delete this after a while because it's too big to keep around. That's what she said.


  1. First, you spelled source wrong when citing the internet. Second I am glad that you mentioned the bit about citizenship and the president. I find it bizarre that there are even specifics about having only 1 American parent. It should not matter whether both parents are American or if only one is. It only matters that you were born a citizen. That is the definition of natural born. This is very important, because for many reasons a person might be born aboard, and said person deserves his or her rights. Thirdly, I feel the general sentiment towards age of consent is thought to be 16. I get the sense from the media that they accept 16 as the primary age of consent, which it is in many states. However, I can understand why people would say 18. Many rights are achieved at 18, and the age of consent across the nation is not above 18.

  2. anon,

    I spelled Source wrong on purpose. prove that i didn't.

    PS: I am surprised to hear u think the media refers to age of consent as 16. Everything I've seen states it as 18. and all the people i know state it as 18, even though it varies by states. The only media I saw that acknowledged the state laws was on LAW and ORDER SVU, where they referred to it as 17.


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