Spotlight/ Shoutout: David Boreanaz

Yes, indeed this week’s honor goes the artist formerly known as Angel!
So many years…so many years.
I was one who liked watching David B. on Buffy way more than on Angel. But many people seem to disagree with me. With Angel after its first season, I really didn’t pay too much attention to it.

But moving onward Angel Boreanaz has moved onward to the Fox network, where he famously plays Special Agent Seeley Booth on the show “Bones.”

And that is why Angel takes this weeks magic s/s. Because if you haven’t been watching “Bones” you should. It’s one of the best shows on the air, and naturally one of the reasons is because of the chemistry between David B and the fantabulous Emily Deschanel! (Any show with one of the Deschanel sisters is totally on my TV lineup.)

And also I need to mention that the show would not be nearly as interesting without the amazing Michaela Conlin. She’s is the main reason the show has so much comic potential, and I love her character.

So David, Emily, and Michaela –You Rule!!

QATFYG: If you watched, which show was David B better on Buffy or Angel? Do you like Bones? And if not Bones, what show do you watch Thursday night at 8?


  1. I like David Boreanaz/Angel/Buffy/Bones. I was really skeptical about how he could possibly pull off a completely different character on Bones when I first started watching, but he really managed it quite well. Oh, and I LOVE Bones. One of my favorite shows.

  2. I thought the SAME thing. I was like that's Angel he can't do anything else.

    In reality, I thought Bones was gonna fail. But I am so glad it didn't. It's one of the best shows on the air. Righteous.


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