So lately...

So lately as I've stated on my Facebook page, I've become rather obsessed with Mila Kunis.


QATFYG: Do you blame me?

Be on the lookout for these upcoming 2010 Mila Kunis Films.

The Black Swan--------------------"Daron Aronofsky"
Date Night
And The Book of Eli

What are they about? Who cares? They're Mila K films. Hopefully this obsession is just a phase. But if it's not I can write her biography. I'm already working on the controversial parts.

PPS: she looks so Russian in this picture! Awesome.


  1. She could be my dream woman. Have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

  2. I'D HIT IT

    - BKemp

  3. jonathan -no i haven't seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but ill add it to my list. is it that good huh?

    anon-i'd hit it too. BAM!


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