The O Board

So after a magical conversation today, I've decided that tomorrow I'm going out to buy a supernatural Ouija Board.

The last one I owned was in the 3rd grade, and I loaned it to a guy named Chris, who burned it after he thought the devil was trying to enter his house.


QATFYG: Does anyone have any Ouija Board stories or advice?


  1. good god, you have the best stories!

  2. um, the ouija board told me i was a loser


  3. You never said that he burned it because he though the devil was trying to enter his house. You just said he destroyed it, which is more probably. That guy just seemed like the kind of guy who was destructive, or perhaps he was lying to you, and you were th gulliable. Don't buy an ouija board. It's a waste of money; instead, make your own.

  4. Don't buy a Luigi board. It's a waste of coins. Instead, make your own Luigi board.


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