the invention of lying

Every time I see another preview for this film, I get more excited to see it in the theaters. where it opens today!

it has an all-star cast (well, what I consider to be, anyway) with a pretty novel concept: in a world, where no one has ever lied ... (cue "Star Wars" theme music)

here's a review of it from Indiana:

I mean, Tina Fey! Ricky Gervais! Rob Lowe! ... comedic genius?

well, do you want to see it at all?

you know, for never having seen it, this reminds me a lot of "I <3 Huckabees."


  1. it really does look great. however, im not excited for Rob Lowe. I'm not a rob lowe fan.

  2. you're a fan of everybody else under the sun!

  3. no, not everyone. remember i don't like john cusack and simon baker. however, i do love tina fey, and adore ricky gervais in a completely hetero way. but i am excited for this movie.

  4. Same here Nader - the movie looks great, but Rob Lowe... not so much.
    But----you don't like John Cusack??? :'(

  5. hey adam, don't :'( over john cusack. did u see serendipity? he made me cringe! that's just one example.
    Rob Lowe on the other hand...just irritates me. However, I did enjoy the movie "Outrage" where a bunch of teens make his life a living hell. I wonder why?


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