In The Moonlight {With Dylan!!}

During week 2 of Spotlight/Shoutout I posted about Sarah Hyland, an actress on the new ABC sitcom, “Modern Family.”

Last week, Sarah H’s tv boyfriend played this song on the show, and every member of the family gets it stuck in their heads. Same with me. Check it out yo! (I love the word yo!)

Dylan the Boyfriend: In the Moonlight (Do Me)

“In the Moonlight”
The stars are falling from the sky
And you’re the reason why
The moon is shining on your face
‘Cause it finally feels it’s found its place
‘Cause maybe, baby, I just wanna do you, do you
Do you want to do me, do me
Underneath the moonlight, moonlight
Baby, baby, maybe I will steal you, steal you
Just so I can feel you, feel you
Maybe that would heal you, heal you
On the inside

QATFYG: Have you seen Modern Family yet?

PS: Update on Modern Family::: A few weeks ago on the blog, I posted that Glee was the next BIG thing in the world of television. Well, by now I've given up Glee, and spend the wed. 9 spot watching Modern Family and Cougar Town. No regrets.