the day is finally upon us, friends. Annie's follow-up to 2004's Anniemal is now out. Don't Stop has officially been released into the world, after painstaking revisions by the likes of the pop genius herself.

"I Don't Like Her Band" follows suit of "Chewing Gum" and "I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me"...a shamelessly infectious earworm.

so far all the reviews have been nothing positive. I will be either downloading or buying this album (in the flesh! who does that anymore!) SOONSOONSOON. oh my god. I peed myself. not kidding. there's a trail of urine leading from my bed to the door. haha. just kidding.

okay, it comes out in the States on Nov. 17th. BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES! IT'S OUT IN EUROPE!

I will be getting the special edition so I can enjoy the Datarock collaboration. Alex Kapranos still plays guitar on a few tracks and "Hey Annie" is supposed to have a Gwen-like sound. omfgz.

for this woman, I am a fangirl. have my babies Annie.
- Brittany


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