So guess who is the new guest co-host on the view??

Naturally it's Heidi Montag.

No seriously.

That little tinker twat I love to hate is making her way into Day Time television taking one of the view's co-hosting spots from Elizzie H on Oct. 1st.

Listen, Heidi M was lousy on prime time TV! She was lousy in front of the microphone, so why the hell would anyone let this lousy media flytrap onto daytime television? Is there any spot on TV Heidi M won't invade?
I say don't even let this snatch-mouth on youtube. At least all the kiddies will be at school, so they don't have to see her untalented playboy posing ass all over the television screen.

PS: I wonder if Heidi will mention me in her memoir.

QATFYG: Whose memoir do you want to be mentioned in?


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