gwen stefani at FASHION WEEK

Fashion! something I know little next to nothing about! I won't even front!

but when I saw my beloved angellic godlike Gwen NUMBA 1 on internet searches yesterday, I was like, some shit's going on. and I needed to be in the know about it, which happens.

so this week's been New York City's famed Fashion Week, which is when all the big designers unveil their new lines. stylish celebrities EVERYWHERE.

and of course, this means GWEN.

not sure what I think about her line. it looks really clean and 1980s-inspired. but, meh. it works for her, I don't think I'd do it. important things to mull.
well, WHAT ABOUT YOU, oh fashion-conscious one?
I seriously can't get over the fact she will be 40 fucking years old next month. hot damn.