Last week, when I caught Vivian Girls (! good show) at the Warhol (AMAZING, intimate venue) in Pittsburgh, I was introduced to the noisy rock of a band called the Beets (and no, not these guys, what an oddly detailed article).

at first I was pissed off because I didn't feel like sitting through an opening act, much less an opening act I knew nothing about and didn't even realize would be there. changed my mind soon after these three young guys took the stage- and, seriously, they're a cute group, you just want to take them home and make them soup and possibly get them high- and started screaming their bloody heads off about wearing black and the Devil. very shoegazey with hints of bands like No Age and Times New Viking. with a small touch of '50s rock flavor! and, because Vivian Girls were equally as noisy, a perfect precursor.

I was saddened to learn, after the show, they have no ALBUMS out that aren't on vinyl. I am not cool enough to own a turntable.

The Warhol Museum, by the way, is both an awesome place to see shows and visit in general. Very fascinating. I've been listening to a lot of Velvet Underground since and remembering my love of Keith Haring. The Books are playing there on the 16th. At the Vivians' show, my feet rested on the stage...surprisingly casual atmosphere. I don't think the drummer dug this. TOUGH LUCK BITCH I WAS TIRED.

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By the way, I hate Doug the cartoon.

oh, this blog has been getting shout-outs in my classes. for the record, I would like to say for the most part we take a humorous approach to things here, so please don't like, don't take this as the USA Today or something.