Spotlight/ Shoutout: Kyle MacLachlan

Heyo, so something new is in the works here. Wednesdays will now feature a Spotlight Shout Out of an actor and his or her current work.

This weeks starts off with Kyle MacLachlan, an actor who encompasses many talents and qualities into his work, but one of them really stands out.

And that is …………………Mystery!!

KM is a beast at playing the mysterious enigmatic character, and that has come into his work recently with his performance in the show, Desperate Housewives, playing a dentist with a hidden past.

One character on the show even stated that he, “Has that smile down cold.”

Lately, his character hasn’t been as dark and monumental, but Kyle MacLachlan is still a solid entertainer.
And speaking of mystery, he has worked with writer/director David Lynch on multiple projects including, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and Blue Velvet. Trust me nothing is as mysterious as David Lynch.

But in addition to being a creepy dentist on an extremely feminine primetime soap, he has something new in the business. KM is appearing in the 2009 film, “Mao’s Last Dancer.” I haven’t found a U.S. release date for this, but it actually sounds pretty cool. It’s based on the autobiography of Li Cunxin [Schwen Sing], a dancer for Mao (believe it or not).
I am super curious to see how this turns out, but maybe it already has come out in the U.S., and I missed it. Darn my pessimism.

And not to mention Kyle M has a sweet fuckin’ haircut, and hair is very important in this generation, just ask any man that isn’t me.

QATFYG: Do you like Kyle M? Do you like David Lynch? And wouldn’t it be great to see KM in a tutu?

Oh and be sure to catch next week’s spotlight/ shout out post on O.G. Mudbone. Am I serious? (no)


  1. I had to google search OG Mudbone to make sure that was who you were talking about. his...climaxes look like milk coming out of a fireman's hose! ahhh


  2. yeah rumor has it the OG is fake for obvious reasons. I don't know if anybody has ever bothered to confirm that too closely tho.

    And like I said, I'm not seriously going to give him a shout out. Idk, unless....someone actually requests it. ???

  3. according to Bryce's sister, who is a nurse, nature bestows a maximum of 10 inches in the male member department. anything bigger is artificial. Mudbone's penis is so big BECAUSE IT'S FULL OF LIES.

    so I've actually seen two videos of his (scene: mudbone driving around in a toyota sedan with the windows rolled down and he comes across a scantily clad siren strolling down the sidewalk...) and to say that they are without merit is to deny him a god-given gift for wild theatricals.

    from missionary: AHHHHH (with arms flailing)
    from behind: AHHHHRRRRR! (his bling sparkling)
    from the side: RAAAHHHHHH (his expression caught between ecstasy and effort)

    compelling stuff.

  4. a max of 10 inches? What about John Holmes? (The King 13.5)

    There is this one thing that claims to show OG in a different series without his rubber extension. But I'm just going to take their word for it. A lot of his vids make it look fake because he's always holding it in place. And when he sprizzles his drizzle, you never see his body and his blacksnake in the same shot. It's always zoomed in....but again that's just a rumor. I haven't meticulously checked all of his archive. maybe tomorrow.

  5. yeah, if you want an investigative report, I will gladly give up my thursday afternoon in pursuit of FACT. I'm tired of being lied to by porn stars.


    Maybe the lies of Porn stars can finally be defeated.

    As I've said before I've heard that OG wears a rubber prosthesis, which is probably the only way. One person even joked and said "I'd like to see a blooper reel of the times where it falls off." I've never seen a John Holmes flick, slightly before our time.

    But yes, I love the pursuit of FACT.

  7. this stuff makes me feel very, very good about the direction of our blog.


  8. by the way, Kyle M will always be THE BAD GUY FROM THE FLINTSTONES to me. but I still want to see "Blue Velvet."

  9. Right on, to all of the above!


    I'm glad Kyle MacLachlan got mentioned in the comments thread; however, I'm not surprised OG Mudbone stole the show.

  10. ahem, kyle maclachlan also played charlotte's first husband on sex and the city. my first experience with kyle maclachlan was a kilt-wearing yalie who couldn't get it up.

  11. Ah, I never watched much Sex and the City, so I never saw any episodes with Kyle M. (Or John Corbett ;) But I might check them out now.
    Thanx C Raw. Respect.

    As for The Flintstones.....Legendary, and yes I'm talking to you too Rick Moranis (sp?)

  12. I sort of have a love/hate for David Lynch. I really respect his out there-ness but I didn't really like "Blue Velvet" or "Eraserhead" (it is sacrilegious to hate this movie, I know.)

    "Crumb", however, was sooo interesting and the way it was shot was just beautiful to me.

    And thanks for mentioning "Mao’s Last Dancer". I'll definitely check that one out!


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