Recount Impossible...or Implausible

It looks like the poll is drawn to a close in my Selena Gomez vs. Pilot match-up.
The results are with PILOT 60% to Selena G's 40%. I don't have an PgD in Maths, but I can tell that Pilot won. And a recount is not necessary.
But I'm really just posting to say I'll be in Canuckland (Nova Scotia) for the next week, so I prolly won't be posting. But I think Brittany and Adam will have things covered. Respect.
Roger that..over.


  1. Nova Scotia? why?
    have a good time though!
    seriously WTF are you doing in Nova Scotia?

  2. is it cold in nova scotia? i'm fucking melting. fall fall fall fall fall fall. (i mean, autumn)
    feist is from nova scotia! enjoy yourself! (...take only what youuu neeed from itt a family of treeeees wanted to be haunteddd @_@ )

    i am random.

  3. Nova Scotia? I'm intrigued.

    Don't know if my 1 post/week will make up for your posts, but I'll work on it...

  4. I'm in NS on a secret mission. I've said too much already. I'll contact you as soon as possible. Worry not, I shall persevere.

    Or something like that!! And mmorbo, it isn't too cold here. it's very mild.

  5. I demand a recount. I feel that there is too much hate for anything associated with Disney that people are not willing to see beyond that. For a remake, Selena did fine, especially since she was singing a song that was orginally written for a guy.


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