Florence & the Machine - Drumming Song video

Florence + The Machine - Drumming Song

So earlier today I was surfing around on YouTube and, just by chance, I stumbled across Florence and the Machine's brand new music video for her upcoming single "Drumming Song."

Not gonna lie - I love it. The song is one of my favorites off the album and the video is HOT. The whole "sexy nun" thing has been done to death, but Florence is on FIRE. I mean. Holy crap. She's not traditionally sexy, or even all that beautiful, but she is absolutely stunning in this video. Bitch is (dare I say it?) FIERCE. Legs for days. And her moves are fantastic. Who could deny that humping? It's sacrilicious.

In conclusion, I have a crush on Florence and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Oh, and the church is pretty sweet too.

(Yeah, I know 2/3rds of my posts in this blog are about F&TM. I'll work on that. Honest. I already know what I'm going to review next and everything!)


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