TO ADAM, who has a job now. best of luck in the RL Mr. Adam!

ALSO: THE PERSEIDS. BE THERE, OR BE............devoid of something wonderful in your life. or the night sky. between 3 and 5 AM are your best bets for a good show. hence me pushing my limits and staying up that late. O_O

sup you son of a bitch


  1. congrats Adam.
    I do envy thee having a job. Is envy still a sin? If so I'm fucked.

    Hmmm...envy+swear word = 2 sins in one comment.
    This morning is off to a great start.

  2. Thank you two very much! Don't know for certain if I'll actually accept the position, but at least I know I'm not a total failure!

    why was I not aware of the perseids before this post? Not like I'd actually see anything, what with the smog and pollution surrounding Chicago and all.


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