calvin harris

Calvin Harris' newest album, "Ready For the Weekend," came out this past Tuesday. and while electronica/dance music is usually not my cup of tea (to be fair, I enjoy Junior Boys and Hot Chip and Diplo and Yelle and the occasional Justice or MSTRKRFT), I can't get enough of this guy's stuff. I really CAN-NOT. Even the two big tracks from his last album, "I Invented Disco," (YES HE SO DID), "The Girls" and "Acceptable in the '80s" have been rushing through my mind the past week (I LIKE THEM BIG GIRLS, I LIKE THEM SKINNY GIRLS, I LIKE THEM CARRYING A LITTY-BITTY BIT OF WEIGHT GIRLS) but his new album is just as- well, maybe not QUITE- as fun as his last venture. which is what sometimes music should be. fluffy enjoyable stuff to dance to. even if you're like me and do not dance.

the album is spotted by appearances of other dance and hip-hop musicians (I sound so white right now. stuff white people like!) Izza Kizza, Dizzee Rascal and Mary Pearce among others.

I recommend: "Stars Come Out," "Dance Wiv Me" and "The Rain."

here's a video of random people from the internet doing their own version of it:


  1. Yessss! LOVE Calvin Harris. I didn't know his new album had come out already or I would've snatched it up by now. TIME TO GO GET IT!!!

    (Is it sad that I'm tempted to do my own youtube video version of The Girls? NO IT ISN'T)


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