While I was in the Dark, I Was Prodded With the Chapman Stick.

So I hadn't even heard of this instrument until 3 days ago, and I feel left out. The Chapman Stick is a ten string lute-shaped apparatus designed for two-handed tapping with a long range of notes. It can utilize string playing in a very expansive way.

It gets its name from its inventor and legendary guitarist, Emmett Chapman, who was one of the best tappers in guitar historiography.

I found this instrument because John Myung, the bass player for Dream Theater, is known to play the Chapman Stick from time to time. I also learned that the CS has been used in Blue Man Group performances.

Here are some solo Chapman Stick players I’ve recently started listening to…

Rob Martino (Kind of boring really)

Leo Gosselin (Now this guy can play!!)

And of course

Emmett Chapman

These guys have Youtube vids and lots of solo pieces.

For more reading www.stick.com or wikipedia Chapman Stick.

Does anybody know any other exotic stringed instruments?