I can't check my email so that interview will have to wait.


in the mean time:

a.) I have a review up at Lolirock Entertainment:

regarding The Dead Weather's "Horehound."
another article will be up in a few days about a local concert on Saturday you should check out. if you are in Erie, that is.

b.) Arlo Guthrie! free tomorrow! bayfront! (err, later today)
I was planning on this but then I made plans. oops.

c.) what's the best American band, do you think? as of right now? still in their prime? I was thinking about this at work....I thought Radiohead's British, Arcade Fire's Canadian. so what does that leave us? my money, I think, is on Wilco. then I'd say R.E.M., Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and the White Stripes. but what about No Doubt? they just haven't put out anything new since their "It's My Life" cover. so I think it's a pretty difficult question. certainly not the Killers, good God. and where are the Strokes?

so I should have that interview in by morning. this girl was so sweet. NO POSTS TIL THE INTERVIEW, OTHER CONTRIBUTORS. IT MUST BE IN ASAP. I'm getting up, getting coffee and posting it. stupid stupid stupid!

"Treat Me Like Your Mother": http://www.sendspace.com/file/nh5fbh

- who else