* The Useless Critic is primarily set up as a pop culture/A&E-oriented blog (with ramblings from time to time, obviously, which is what gives us an, ehhh, unique offbeat appeal). while we do stress the importance of current events which are ongoing and beg your attention (the bombings in Jakarta, the Sotomayor hearings, the situation in Iran, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq being handed over to its own people, Kim Jong Il being a crazy ass psycho, so on) we also acknowledge major figures in pop culture when they die. not the most important thing in the world, but a little respect is deserved. in the wake of the media-frenzy after MJ's death, I felt it was important to state this, even on this dinky thing. we are not oblivious to the world at large and you shouldn't be either! we strongly implore you to click on the relevant links (CNN, NYT, Slate, BBC) on the sidebar. many thanks and take care!