Pilot and the Wizard Girl Who Dances A Lot

Over the past 9 hours I have been listening to the song "Magic" originally recorded by vintage rockers Pilot over and over and over again. You know it. It's been used in plenty of movies and commercials.
Ho, ho, ho
It's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, you know
Never believe, it's not so

The reason for this soar in Magic popularity is because teeny-bopper, Selena Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place has covered the song on her show's soundtrack. And it's been getting a lot of press.

Here is the new version:

QATFYG: I want to take a poll and see what you guys like more. The original by Pilot or the remake by Selena G?
I'll start it off and vote for the....
ORIGINAL!! The remake is way too toned down. Not enough Umph!


  1. you know
    I'll go ahead and say the selena gomez version. i mean you say it's toned down....but it's a disney song. what else do you expect? they have to pretty much. it also has a lot more modern stuff in the song that pilot doesn't have. it definitely isn't bad.

    as for selena she looks good in the video. for a while she was stuck with that babyfaced little girl look. it was just too young of a look for someone who isn't 9. go her.

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  3. Chalk one up for Selena!
    Well, I didn't say it was bad. By toned down I meant it lost a lot of the sensuality of the original version. The SG cover just doesn't have the same feeling as Pilot's version.

    So we're tied at one a piece. Oh the suspense.

  4. Both versions of the song have their own unique qualities. I prefer pilots version of the song overall, but I still think there is a lot of promise with Selena Gomez's version. I do like the more modern version of the song. It gives the a song a different edge. Honestly, if the new version of the song were exactly like the old version what would be the point? This new version allows for a fun spin on an old classic, which I personally find enjoyable. Also I think the use of this pilot song on the wizards soundtrack was a good idea, because it fits well with the theme of show.

  5. wow great feedback guys, seriously!!

    That's Pilot 2...Selena 1. Keep it coming.

  6. Pilot. Definitely. Gomez doesn't have the same passion and fire.

  7. I have to disagree with you svestie. I personally feel that there is plenty of passion and fire in the Selena Gomez version. She has done an excellent job with the remake.

  8. ooooo Passion and Fire!! good stuff.
    So now we're at

    Pilot 3-----------Selena Gomez 2

    Selena is catching up.

  9. Are you kidding me...Pilot's version is much better! More energy and fire in the their version and the instrumentals overpower the vocals a bit too much in Selena's version. One writer said it perfectly "NOT ENOUGH UMPH!" And I thought we were comparing the song versions not on how the videos and on how Selena looks! But I give her props for choosing a great song to remake!

  10. @Sephn

    good stuff,
    but remember comments section is open to anything..... ;)


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